Wall decoration SCALES

Designer wall panels SCALES

An original alternative to paintings and photographs on the walls are the panels resembling snakeskin in their structure. The author of the product is the co-founder of the furniture company DONNA – Natalia Donchenko.

Panels can be made in any color and size. Their exquisite texture brings a special sensuality and character to the interior and, at the same time, they do not draw attention to themselves, but neatly complement the space, its overall style and atmosphere.

SCALES were specially conceived to complement one of the interiors of the architectural company L’Studio, with whom DONNA was engaged in furnishing on a turnkey basis. As a result, they have become an independent product that can be modified to meet the needs of each specific customer.

SCALES decorative panels are suitable for both home and office, studio or restaurant interiors.

Product designer: Natalia Donchenko, DONNA furniture studio

Natalia Donchenko has been engaged in furniture production since 2008. Constantly improving her company DONNA, Natalya strives to show a decent level and extensive capabilities of the Ukrainian production taking it to the next level.

Observing design innovations and personally participating in the design of many designer furniture products presented on the site, Natalya Donchenko herself often comes up with pieces of furniture and decor for clients of the company DONNA, acting as an inspirer and implementer at the same time.

Design and equipment

SCALES panels will especially appeal to connoisseurs of everything natural, filled with the energy of nature. These panels represent a decorative composition, which can consist of one canvas or more.

SCALES panels are decorated with natural Italian leather, aged by hand. The texture of the scales makes each panel lively, giving the surface a unique intriguing look.

Due to the heterogeneous structure of SCALES panels, an unusual pattern, reminiscent of, for example, python skin can be realized on their surface, not only using uniformly colored leather patches. Our experts are ready to offer options themselves, taking into account the color scheme and style of the interior.


The product uses a plywood frame and Italian calfskin. Dimensions: 2200 * 800 * 20. Individual production according to the required dimensions is possible. Weight: 30 kg.

At the customer’s request, the color of SCALES decorative panels can also be changed, as well as the materials from which they are made.

It can be different types of smooth leather, eco leather or textiles. Our main recommendation is to preserve the original “snake” texture of the product, that is the form and general composition of the fragments on the panel.

Warranty & delivery

SCALES wall panels can be got by any delivery service if the dimensions initially determined by the customer allow it. If it is necessary to send panels of a very large size or to carry out non-standard installations, they must be delivered directly by the team of DONNA.

Acceptance of orders, delivery and installation of products is carried out 24/7 throughout Ukraine.

Product warranty – 1 year.

SCALES in the interior

Application options:

SCALES snakeskin effect panels can be used to decorate completely different areas and surfaces:

  • Walls
  • Headboard
  • Finishing of furniture facades

  • It is also possible to use the panels as partitions for room zoning
  • The panels are ideal for individual and corporate premises with a loft style or minimalism



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