LCD “Comfort City” IV. Dnipro


The interior of an apartment in Dnipro, comprehensively furnished by the manufacturer DONNA. The author of the design project is the architect Andrey Gordinsky.

For a clean minimalist home, the designer asked for the same furnishings.

Stylish, laconic and ultra-tech kitchen made of painted veneer MDF. The table top is made of artificial stone. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the seams and the impeccably executed installation which, as always, was carried out by our team.

The hidden storage systems are combined with a large graphite mirror made by DONNA. This visually expanded the room and completely shifted attention from the cabinets to the integrity and beauty of the space.

Interesting wardrobe doors were implemented exactly as designer Andrei Gordinsky showed in his sketches. Thanks to its unusual design, the storage system looks more like a glossy wall with decor rather than a massive cabinet.

The bathroom is also decorated laconically: only the essentials, no unnecessary details. For him, at the furniture studio DONNA, a suspended case made of MDF was made, as well as a cantilever composition of a table top and a cabinet. The sophisticated reinforced structure supports the weight of the cabinet and washbasin. The curbstone under the table top is also suspended.

Everything in this interior looks spectacular, minimalistic, high quality and relevant for the next decades.

        Andrey Gordinsky. GORDINSKY Architect


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