Design and equipment

Stylish children’s room designed by Alena Lifar and fully implemented at the Ukrainian furniture studio DONNA.

Purpose of the nursery: a guest room for a teenage granddaughter in the house of grandparents. Since the child’s stay in the room was supposed to be as comfortable as in the parental home, the room provides both a place for relaxation and a study area.

Note that the team of DONNA suggested to install ventilation grilles in the window-sill table, since the table is located right next to the radiator.


  • Wall panel with lighting and a table that turns into a window sill:

American walnut veneer

  • Hanging cabinets:

Painted MDF and Blum fittings (Austria)

  • Bed upholstery: Italian velour

Materials were selected in cooperation with the designer who led the project. Each time, the color scheme, texture and other components are revised to meet the needs of a particular client and interior.

Warranty and delivery

All children’s furniture from the manufacturer DONNA undergoes mandatory quality control. Only environmentally friendly and safe materials are used for its manufacture.

The guarantee for furniture in the nursery of our production is 1 year. If Blum fittings are used in the product and the problem arises with them, then it can be replaced within 3 years.

We accept orders and provide consultations 24/7.

Delivery and assembly of furniture throughout Ukraine.


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