Design and equipment

The designer Andrey Gordinsky turned to the manufacturer DONNA to create a minimalist hanging module with a built-in sink for one of his projects. Also, at the request of the designer, a hanging pencil case and a composition from a table top and a bedside table were made in our production.

The sophisticated reinforced structure supports the weight of the cabinet and the washbasin.

The bedside table is also suspended. The products are two separate modules connected by a sink fixture. Due to this, an additional shelf was created between them.


  • Cantilever cabinet: painted MDF (you or your interior designer can choose any color from the NCS or RAL color models)

  • Table top: acrylic stone

  • Hanging cabinet: painted MDF

    Materials and colors can vary on request.

    For their part, the specialists of DONNA furniture studio are always ready to provide information on the qualities and durability of different materials in relation to the price. Therefore, the customer can be sure that he will be satisfied with the result.

Warranty and delivery

We accept orders and answer questions 24/7.

We carry out delivery and assembly of furniture throughout Ukraine.

Customers wishing to meet personally with the management and the factory team for consultation and ordering can visit our showrooms in Kyiv and Dnipro (see the Contacts section).

The cabinet furniture of our production is guaranteed for 1 year. If Blum fittings are used in the product and the problem arises specifically with them, then it can be replaced within 3 years.


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